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MTA Windows Development Fundamentals

MTA Windows Development Fundamentals is designed to prepare students with Windows programming and application development knowledge and skills. Learn to design and implement the basics of Windows GUI design. Understand the basics of Microsoft's new WPF and XAML coding methodologies. The MTA Windows Development certification is a pathway for future certifications and career opportunities. The course guides you through each exam objective seamlessly, all the while preparing you for the Microsoft exam 98-362. Achieving MTA certifications is the first stepping-stone to the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist exams for ASP.NET Web Development. MTA is a new Microsoft certification program that validates the foundational knowledge needed to begin a career in the IT industry. The MTA certification path is the recommended entry point to begin your certification path.

  • Design and implement the basics of Windows GUI design
  • Design and implement Windows Forms
  • Learn the basics of Microsoft’s new WPF and XAML coding methodologies