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Excel 2013

If you are looking to start a career in business or finance, having a working knowledge of Microsoft's Excel 2013 is a must. This new and exciting course will teach you how to reveal insights hidden in your data with the help of new features such as Flash fill and Recommended Pivot Table. Learn how to visualize your data to better understand what is really going on with those important numbers with the help of Quick Analysis and Chart Formatting Control. 

This course will also help you study and prepare to take the Microsoft's Excel 77-420 Certification exam.

  • Learn howto utilize the new Flash Fill Tool, which detects patterns and extracts and enters data after a recognizable pattern is found 
  • Learn how to use Recommended Charts, which only shows a subset of chart types that are appropriate to the data you have selected and are working with 
  • The new Quick Analysis tool can help you find the best options for working with selected data