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ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
F1 - Accountant in Business
This paper has been designed to provide an insight into the role of an accountant, to challenge students' understanding of the global business environment, and to examine how that environment impacts on the way in which accountants function. 

It also explores a variety of other business roles, and how they all have an impact on whether a business is run effectively and ethically. Additionally, this study module helps to develop a solid comprehension of the fundamental factors that make for effective management of an organisation.

F2 - Management Accounting
This module will teach students how to prepare and process basic costing and quantitative data, in support of managerial plans in various business functions.

F3 - Financial Accounting
This paper delivers a clear understanding of the fundamental principles, concepts and regulations that surround financial accounting, as well as teaching students how to prepare rudimentary financial statements.

F4 - Corporate and Business Law
This paper examines the general legal framework and specific areas of law which affect businesses and how they operate, whilst identifying when additional legal advice needs to be sought.

F5 - Performance Management
This paper is focused on the development of important skills related to management accounting practices, using quantitative and qualitative data for business planning, commercial decision making, and employee performance reviews and control.

F6 - Taxation
This study paper covers the processes involved with business taxation; applicable to sole proprietors, companies, or large business groups.

F7 - Financial Reporting
This module is concerned with the processes involved with financial reporting, both in terms of the theory involved with preparing financial statements, and the methods required to evaluate and interpret the financial statements of a business.

F8 - Audit & Assurance
Students will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively carry out assurance engagement, bearing in mind all important professional regulatory frameworks.

F9 - Financial Management
This paper serves to develop the key knowledge and skills required of a financial manager, particularly concerning issues that surround investment, financing and dividend policy decisions.

P1 - Governance, Risk and Ethics
Gives students the knowledge, skills and judgment required to make professional and ethical decisions with regards to business accounts relating to governance, internal control, compliance and risk management.

P2 - Corporate Reporting
Students are taught to apply key knowledge and skills, in order to make professional judgments and evaluations of financial reports, in a wide range of business contexts.

P3 - Business Analysis
This paper teaches individuals to use professional discretion when assessing a business' strategic position. It also supplies direction on how to implement strategic action through business procedures and structural change, action which may include the introduction of knowledge systems and information technology. Students will also learn to manage quality processes, projects and people.

P4 - Advanced Financial Management
This paper develops in students the required knowledge and understanding to exercise professional judgment as a senior financial executive or advisor.

P5 - Advanced Performance Management
This module covers strategic management accounting techniques in different business contexts, teaching students how to evaluate the performance of a global organisation and its strategic development.

P6 - Advanced Taxation
Students on this module will develop the ability to offer well informed, educated advice on the impact of large-scale taxation on financial decisions.

P7 - Advanced Audit and Assurance
This paper focuses on assessing, evaluating and making detailed conclusions on assurance engagement, as well as other audit assurance issues, in a variety of business contexts.

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